Terms & Condition

The 10th JIHW & The 4th Asianpiad 2018


International Participant

  • The cycling event is under the supervision of International Federation of Popular Sports (IVV). The purpose of this event is promoting non-competitive sports.
  • Those who are allowed to participate must be at least 10 years old, physically fit, register themselves as participants and finish the cycling trail within the specified period.
  • The registration process is completed when the participants have paid and receive the payment confirmation from the committee.
  • The registration fee includes the bicycle rent and safety helmet. If the participants wish to use their own bicycle, please contact the committee.
  • Each participant accepts full responsibility for any fees or costs incurred or arising from the need for repatriation.
  • International participants (IVV) are required to join 10km trail. The IVV stamp is available at the finish point. The participants could claim the stamp by bringing the cycling card with two stamps on it. vii. Participants must be considerate to other users of bridleways, tracks, byways and public ways when riding off-road. Upon seeing other users, such as walkers, farm traffic, and other cyclists, etc., participants are required to slow down and pass with care. Where appropriate, participants should stop and wait at the side of the route for other users such as farmers, etc. to pass safely.

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