Places used for Jogja International Heritage Walk Event.

The First Day

Prambanan Temple & the area around

The first walking day is held in the villages around the temples and it's historic relics. Some of the famous temples are Rara Jongrang , Sewu, Bubrah, Kedulan, Sambisari and Sari. In addition, the participants could enjoy the views of green rice fields and Mount Merapi.

Temperature : 30 - 31 Celcius

Route Condition : The road is flat with almost no uphills. Half of the routes are paths, conneed directly to the rice field.

The Second Day

Turi Tourism Village

The second day walking event will be held in Turi, Sleman, passing through several villages like Pancoh, Nganggring, Tunggularum, Pulesari and Kelor. These villages are located near the foot of Merapi Mountain. Aside from the beautiful landscape and breezy air, Turi village is also popular for its agrotourism. Some iconic products from this village is snakefruit and Etawa Goat Dairy Farm.

Temperature : 21 - 23 Celcius

Route Condition : Flat route, some upright and downright route but not too steep.

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